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On April Being a Big Month for Me

Actually, April is a big month for everyone with Avengers: Endgame being the crowning event of cinematic history. Period. I’m not arguing on that. But not only is April the culmination of eleven years of the MCU which I am super duper excited for, but I’ve got a book coming out and a Bookbub on an old book. And–

Wait a minute? I haven’t announced that new book on here, have I… Whoops. Okay. Before we go any further, let me cach y’all up.

Release Date: April 16, 2019

After spending all her twenties attending the weddings of her close friends and peers and having nothing but bad luck in the area of love despite her best-laid plans, Spring decides she’s done with relationships. She’s skipping the love and marriage and headed straight to the baby carriage with the decision to get artificially inseminated. 

But at a table in the farthest back corner of the reception venue of her best friend’s wedding, she meets the best man, Bilal, and they click over a mutual admiration for art and geek culture. 

He’s not looking for a relationship. Even if he was, he just broke off an engagement two months before he was supposed to say “I do,” and he’s not willing to talk about it. 

Huge red flag. 

It’s easy for Spring to overlook, though. Not only is he a nice guy, but he sees past the woman that doesn’t need anyone to take care of her and to the woman that wants to be taken care of anyway. 

What they decide to start together is supposed to be casual, giving Spring a chance to enjoy the fun of a relationship as long as it will last before she carries out her baby plans. 

However, slowly but surely, the line between casual and serious starts to blur, and Spring has to start thinking about the tough questions. Do she and Bilal really want the same things out of this? Does it really matter? 

Just maybe, for once, what she plans for and what the universe gives her will be the exact same thing. And if it’s not, dare she hope for something better?

It’s a two book series. I’m hoping to have the sequel out in July (don’t quote me on that). I even already have the title for the sequel already. If you read the All the Things series and enjoyed it, then you need to read this one. Like you really need to. Just trust me on this one. M’kay?

Anyway, back to April. I’ve got a lot of promotions line up for Best Laid Plans launch week at the special launch price of 99 cents to remove as much barrier to purchase as possible and have a huge but spread out volume of sales. I even contemplated getting a Bookbub featured new release, but because of their inability to give me any concrete data about the effectiveness of that particular run I passed.

And lucky I passed on the featured new release because Bookbub just emailed me to tell me they’d accepted All the Uncertain Things for a featured deal on April 23rd. I wasn’t even expecting it. I just kinda randomly submit for a deal every few weeks just to see what they say and this time they said yes.

So this means not only do I have a new release with a big promotion schedule, but also a Bookbub exactly a week later with three other books that people can pick up, one of which is a new release. Bruh!!!

I don’t think God could have made this any sweeter. It perfectly and conveniently came together nicely. A new book release and a Bookbub featured deal which is going to give my author name more relevance. The Bookbub will also get me some traction going on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and ITunes for the All the Things series which I’ve honestly been neglecting.

So yeah, April is looking like it’s going to be a good month for me. Except for the beginning of law school finals, but I’m not going to focus on that negativity.

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On Pulling Out KU

It’s been a while, but I’ve got a good reason for it. I always have a good reason for it. Like law school and, as my newsletter subscribers are already privy to, my next book. (Note: I’ll post info on that on my blog later, but if you want information before that sign up to my newsletter)

Anyway, my God, it’s been one hell of a week or two in the writing world, particularly in Romancelandia with the revelation that Cristiane Serruya plagiarized a bunch of romance authors and books (with the count being as I write this,  at least 51 books, 34 authors, 3 articles, 3 websites, & 2 recipes). I’m not really here to talk about that though. I’ve always been the person not to rehash the things that a bunch of others have done much better. So just search #copypastecris on twitter and you can get caught up on the story.

But even though I’m not here to talk about that, the scandal and the surrounding discussion around it, including the current vicious culture of Amazon’s Kindle Store and it’s KU program that allowed something like this to happen, has just confirmed that I need to do something that I planned on doing at some point anyway: Pull out KU and go wide on other retailers.

My intention was never to stay exclusive to Amazon. I’m not really a huge fan of the way KU abuses legitimate authors while allowing scammers and cheaters to thrive and make bank. It did do its job of getting me some visibility and a kickstart which for that, I’m grateful, but that doesn’t mean I have to tolerate the abuses forever. So I think with this latest scandal, it’s about time that I pull out.

So what does that mean? It means that if you have a KU subscription on Amazon, my books will no longer be available for borrowing. You will still be able to get the book on Amazon, but you’ll also be able to get it on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple Bookstore, and whatever other retailers that I can so readers can choose their favorite store.

The removal from KU also means that I may (I’m still not sure) make All the Little Things a loss leader and make it permanently free or drop the price to 99 cents. I won’t know for sure until I put out this next book, which, again, I’ll talk about more later, but if you want exclusive info before I post on this site, subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t yet.

This post really just serves as a heads up to be honest. Didn’t just want it to happen without notifying readers who may have been banking on borrowing it at some point. ETA: I sent a request to Amazon shortly after posting this asking them to remove all the books as of March 2, 2019, thinking they probably wouldn’t even get to it until this weekend. And literally, a few hours after that they were like, yo! Done. So they’ve already been pulled. Sorry! Didn’t mean for that to be so sudden.

Now to finish this next novel and anxiously wait for 9 a.m. tomorrow and the PokemonDirect Announcement.

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After years of submitting with multiple books, multiple cover changes, multiple promos, multiple disappointments, fighting for every sale and ranking, I GOT MY FIRST BOOKBUB PROMO!!!!

If you don’t understand why I’m dying right now it’s because Bookbub is the king of promo. It’s nothing short of a guarantee that you’re making your money back and then some. And the exposure.


THANK YOU ALLAH (GOD)! He answers prayers y’all.

Ok. That’s it’s.

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On Current Book Rankings and Stuff

Updated 6/29/18:

So… since I wrote this, my ranking has gone even higher and since I didn’t want to make too many posts on my rankings, here’s an update. I’m so proud of myself.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 7.41.15 PM
As of 6/29/18 @ 7:41 pm


Original Post:

Can I talk about my books a little?

Can I talk about how All the Little Things has the highest ranking any of my books have ever had right now? Sure, it’s only 30k in the Kindle bookstore, but that’s an accomplishment in my book when I’ve never gotten anywhere higher than about 90k in ranking. And I never got high enough to get ranked in the subcategories.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 11.08.40 PM
Rankings as on 11:08 pm EST


Also, some great reviews are coming in, and it looks like people are telling their friends about it so I’m starting to get some word of mouth action going on here which any good business person knows is what really sells things.

Sure right now I’m kinda breaking even (more than likely losing money) when it comes to making money because I’m running a very rigorous marketing campaign to get it in front of as many eyes as possible, but by God’s grace if things continue like this I can make a little profit. Apparently, people also like the book enough that they’re buying the sequel, All the Uncertain Things, which I just enrolled KDP’s borrowing library so people can borrow it too. Looks like most people are willing to take a chance on borrowing a book when they have Amazon’s book subscription than they are buying it because it’s essentially free in that case.

Admittedly, I have a little anxiety about what’s to come, but I’m grateful for the little things so far.