So yeah… I don’t know what I’m doing. I used to run a site to promote all my books and it was for that express purpose.

Then I gave up on it because life. And it’s unfair and whatever. I used to write under a lot of names. Holly Dae. Lady Dae. Or some variation of my name thereof and if I wanted to get all theoretical and psychological with it and say I wasn’t comfortable being myself and hid and all that lovely shit, but I really don’t know so I’m not going to explain myself.  So, I’ll just introduce myself.

Welcome to my new site.  I’m Hollidae.

I’m 27, named after Billie Holiday, and unfortunately single–and yes I’ve been embracing and loving me but it’s old now. I’m going to law school, and though I’ve been trying to kick the habit, I still like to write. I don’t know what I’m going to post here. Probably random stuff. Talk about my writing. Um… I’ll link a page to my books and but I’m not going to overly advertise them. So um… that’s it for now. I’ll post when I feel like.

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